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End of year

synthesize student's learning from k-5th grade
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Students will be able to...

write an essay stating what their school means to them.  They will use a rubric to make sure they are writing a quality essay.  Then they will upload the lesson to google classroom. They will also create interview questions and interview other students in order to create a slide show or imovie.

English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 What this school means to me

Give students the writing prompt:  What does your school mean to you?  Discuss their experiences since Kindergarten.  Discuss their friendships, teachers that helped shape them.  

Put the assignment on google classroom.  Upload the rubric and checklist so students can refer to it as they write.

Assignment #2: students will create interview questions for 5th grade students.

Have students use ipads to record the interviews

They will create a slideshow or imovie

Student Instructions

students will open google classroom and read the assignment.

Open a google document and begin writing their essay. 

Upload it onto classroom

open another google document and write down their interview questions -upload for teacher review

Get an ipad and record your interviews.  Go through all of them and create a slide show. 

Upload to google classroom