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Emotional Vocabulary

Emotional Literacy Awareness
Vanessa P.
Counselor, psychologist, or social worker
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The goal of this lesson is to make students aware of emotions and the different ones that exist. Students will be able to explain the emotions they are having, explain what the emotion is, describe times they have felt the emotion and or have seen others feel the emotion, and what to do after the emotion arises.

English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 Emotional Scenario

Teacher will read an emotion triggering scenario about a boy who is poor, dresses in old, too small clothes, who is bullied in school. The boy will meet a friend who helps him ignore the bullies and gets help.

Student Instructions

Students will listen to the story and take notes. Students are asked to write down the emotion they felt at different parts of the story as well as any other notes about the story that stood out to them.

2 Group Discussion

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will ask students to raise their hands and tell her the emotions they were feeling. When a student says an emotion the teacher will ask if any other student felt this way. Each emotion will be listed on the board.

Student Instructions

Students will each have a chance to share an emotion

3 Emotion Definition

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will find the three emotions that were said the most and write them out on the board. Students will then be asked to define the emotion in their own words and then with a dictionary.

Student Instructions

Students will define the emotions in their own words and then with the use of a dictionary.

4 Group Work

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will put students in small groups to answer the following:

1. How can you tell if someone is feeling one of the three emotions?

2. Explain a time you have seen someone go through one of the emotions.

3. How would you help someone who is going through one of the emotions?

4. Create a scenario where a person is being bullied. Describe the emotion the victim feels and explain how a fellow student would recognize the victim is hurting and what they can do to help.

Student Instructions

Students, with their group will answer the questions given to them.

5 Group Presentations

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will ask each group to present their answers to the class.

Student Instructions

Students will present their answers.