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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Email Etiquette

Students review digital communication etiquette and learn how to use email as a communication tool.
Jennifer H.
Media specialist/librarian
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Valparaiso, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

1. Format an email and use all necessary parts: addressee, subject line, salutation, body, closing, signature

2. Proofread for correct grammar and full sentences.

3. Clearly state the purpose of the email (didn't understand the homework, forgot the field trip form).

4. Know to save problems, complaints, and other issues for face-to-face discussion.

5. Avoid anything that might be considered rude (check the message over to make sure nothing could be misconstrued).


English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook/Attention Getter: Primer Quiz

Students take the primer quiz to reflect on what they already know about online communication - in addition to being able to make a comparison to other writing formats.

Student Instructions

Choose your answer and click submit when finished. Use the self-grading feature to check your responses.

2 Direct Instruction: Video + Review

Show the video and use the Kahoot! to test knowledge.

Student Instructions

Watch the video and access Kahoot! to show your knowledge.

3 Guided Practice: Principal Email Challenge

Use the presentation to guide students through the process of writing an email to their Principal about a selected topic. 

Student Instructions

Follow teacher instructions to compose an email to your Principal about the designated topic.

4 Independent Practice: Review Feedback + New Message

Activity: Conversing

Discuss results with students to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Offer a new email topic. Ask students to compose a new message based on a list of optional topics.

Student Instructions

Review individual rubric results and share areas that need improvement. Choose a topic from the list; compose a new email on your own, using the designated format / expectations.

5 Wrap Up: Review + Family Interaction

Distribute printed copies of the tip sheet to students. Instruct students to read it, share it with a parent, and take advantage of a chance to enter a prize drawing by taking a selfie with their device and sharing the image with the teacher. 

Student Instructions

Take this tip sheet home, share it with your parent, and post it on the refrigerator. Take a selfie using your device and share it with the teacher for entry into a prize drawing.