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Email basic2-Log in your email account and send your first email

Try to log into email and send out the very first email.
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Students will be able to learn Email address format.

Students will be able to log into Email.

Students will be able to send out an Email.

Social Studies
Grades 4 – 6
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1 Email address Format

Activity: Other — Show students a n example of Email address then explain the format

Ask class first if any of them have got an email already, ask them of their email address. Explain username and domain name to students, as G4-6 students, they may heard of some email providers already.

2 Student log into their email

Instruct students how to log into their email account

3 Send out the very first Email

Instruct students how to send out an email.

4 Quiz time!!

Using Kahoot to set up a quick quiz and to review what they have learnt today.