Lesson Plan

ELL Collection

These Apps can help my ELL students to gain a better grasp on their English vocabulary and grammer skills. Student's can work on these Apps during free time, homework, in groups or independently (preferred)

Students will be able to expand their English vocabulary with real-world words. Students will be able to identify grammatical errors and fix them correctly. Students will be able to condition their English listening skills by following the verbal directions of the Apps. Students will be able to correctly identify words that are missed spelled and correctly spell them.

English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades 3 – 6
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1 Pre-Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Teachers will informally assess students' prior knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

Student Instructions

Students will participate in the whole class/group instruction of the informal pre-assessment of vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

2 Guided Practice

Teachers will model how to move throughout the levels by using the SmartBoard or iPad

Student Instructions

Students will practice with the teacher and ask questions.

Students will independently work through the App and work their way through the levels. This would be an on-going assessment as they move through the different levels.

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Teachers will model how to navigate through the App on the SmartBoard. Teachers will complete a practice round with the whole class. Teachers will keep track of the different levels that student's finish by printing out their certificates and filing them.

Student Instructions

Students will practice their listening skills with the animated clips and listening for grammatical errors. Students will conquer levels and obtain certificates. Students will work through animated clips in order and complete the end of lesson quizzes.

4 Independent Practice

Free download but requires site-based subscription

Teachers will model how to navigate through the App by using the SmartBoard or iPad. Teacher will all the students to practice together as a whole class/small groups for Unscramble.

Student Instructions

Students will ask questions when needed. Students will complete the Unscramble, Missing Letter and Hangmouse activities - INDEPENDENTLY.

5 End Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will assess students with an evaluation similar to that was given as a pre-assessment.