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Elements - PiktoChart/Infographic

Students will demonstrate their understanding of a different element.
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This lesson should be delivered after students have been introduced to the Periodic Table of Elements.
At the start of the lesson the teacher can either assign students a different element or have them select their own. They can also work in groups or individually (teachers choice)

This lesson will take place over several periods/sessions.

Students will be able to...

  • Describe their element
  • Explain what their element does in the world
  • Teach others about their element
Grades 6 – 7
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1 Meet the Elements

Teacher plays the music video "Meet the Elements" by They Might be Giants

Student Instructions

Students watch / sing along.

2 Video Discussion

Activity: Conversing

"What is your favorite part of the video"

"Which element is the most interesting"

"What does Xelement do?

Student Instructions

Students respond to the teachers prompts. This is a time when they can bring in their knowledge and understanding from previous lessons and they can reflect onthe video they have just watched.

3 Think Pair Share

Activity: Conversing

Students take part in a Think Pair Share session where they pick out the element they want to investigate/study.

Student Instructions
  • THINK: Think for 30 seconds about the element they find interesting.
  • PAIR: Share this with a partner for 60 seconds.
  • SHARE: Share this with the class


Activity: Investigating

Teacher puts some prompts on the board to help students research their element.

"What is the symbol for my element?"
"What does my element react well with?"
"What does my element react badly with?"
"Where can I see my element in real life?"
"Describe the make up of your element"

Student Instructions

Students gather the information they have found in previous classes and can also use the internet and books to research their element.

5 Introducing PiktoChart

Teacher introduces PiktoChart and Inforgraphics to their students.

They can guide their students through, or show the YouTube Video How to create a piktochart infographic easily

They can also use these presentations:  PiktoChart Introduction or Infographic Introduction

Student Instructions

Students ask questions.

Students sign up

6 Creating with PiktoChart!

Teacher gives support to individual students (or groups)

Student Instructions

Students work on the infographic about their element


Activity: Presenting

The teacher will gather links to the students infographics. They can then present them one by one, or have time to look through them on their own screens.

Student Instructions

Students add a link to their Infographic on a Google Doc or email it to their teacher.

Students will present their work.


Students will give feedback by tagging:

T: Tell them something you like

A: Ask them a question

G: Give them a suggestion