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Electricity (Simulating circuits)

Foundations on electricity- Circuits (series and parallel)
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  • Describe what is needed to make a current flow [cell/power supply (source), a conductor (e.g. wire) and the circuit needs to be complete
  • Describe electric current as the flow of charged particles, past a given point measured in amps using an ammeter.
  • Apply the fact that the current at every point in a series circuit is the same
  • Describe the effect of changing the number of cells and bulbs on the current in a series circuit
  • Describe resistance as how easy it is for current to flow through something
  • Describe differences in electrical conductivity in different materials.
  • Draw and interpret series and parallel circuit diagrams containing sources, switches, lamps and ammeters
  • Compare the behaviour of parallel and series circuits. Include: changing #of bulbs, #of cells/current, breaking the circuit.


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1 Pre-Assess Knowledge

Free, Paid
  • Create a quiz about electricity with some specific questions addressing vocabulary such as electricity, components, source, energy, parts of the circuit, series and parallel, fuse, resistance...
  • Share Quiz: SOC-3460633
  • Run the quiz and analyze the results to see the parts the students are familiar and the ones you need to reinforce the content through the unit
Student Instructions
  • Join the room number and complete the quiz

2 Learn

Google Drive
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  • Presentation about the different concepts of the unit
  • Some clip videos and questions related to them

Resources: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6S998W8JQeLUWM1NUpud1lWVFE

Student Instructions
  • Students complete some worksheets after the presentation

3 Hook

Free, Paid
  • Run any of the quizzes available on Electrical Circuits (different levels of difficulty)
  • Brainpop animations + activities available (Electricity and Electrical Circuits)
Student Instructions
  • Log into kahoot.it with GAME PIN (whatever you get)
  • Brainpop time (independ work as there are activities linked to the animations)

4 Apply

Google Drive
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Student Instructions
  • Download PHET (Electrical Circuits) software and install it in your laptop.
  • Follow instructions in the worksheet and complete the questions, including your circuits drawings.