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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

El viaje de su vida

this provides an opportunity for students to read in the target language with an appropriately scaffolded and structured lesson so that their reading is not too easy and not too difficult.
Jillian S.
Classroom teacher
Heartland Community High School
Henderson, United States
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My Subjects World Languages

Students will be able to...

1. understand and comprehend basic spanish phrasing and sentence structure in the present tense.

2. comprehend fully the basic timeline of a story.

3. understand and pick up on some smaller details that are not necessary to the comprehension of the story.

4. use comprehension skills to create summaries of certain specified sections of the story. 

5. use the target language accurately to summarize the main events of a specified section of the story. 

World Languages
Grades 8 – 12
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Endless Spanish
Free to try

engage students and get them on task and working with and in the target language. 

ask students to share words and definitions as they are playing. teacher will create a list on the board of about 10 words to focus on on vocabulary enhancement.

Student Instructions

using class ipads, in groups of 2-3, open "endless spanish" and play this game for the first 5 minutes of class.

students will share aloud 1-2 words they learned from the game that day. 


2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

teacher reads text aloud, slowly, and encourages students to take notes. teacher will also prompt discussion throughout the reading to help with clarification and understanding. 

Student Instructions

students will follow along in the book, taking notes that will be turned in and graded. students will ask questions to ensure clarification and understanding. 

3 Guided Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid

teacher will have already created a google doc and will invite students to open it once finished with the specified reading section.  teacher will be able to log who is collaborating in the document by the color of the cursor and the key and will grade students on their participation. 

Student Instructions

students will collaborate on the google document while the teacher works to address any discrepancies and clarify any understanding that is not accurate. students work together to create a summary of events of the specified reading section. 

4 Independent Practice

teacher will create a voice thread that asks students to give verbally a summary, in their own words, in the target language, about the specified reading section. the teacher will be the first speaking, asking the students a question/giving a prompt. 

Student Instructions

students will open the voice thread link they have been provided on their LMS learning system and listen to the teacher's post and respond accordingly. students will answer a question or give a summary on the voice thread, making a webcam recording of themselves speaking in the target language.

5 Extension

Activity: Drawing

teacher will assign a homework assignment that allows the student to choose one detail or one part of the story that sticks out to them and draw it, using color, to bring to class the next day. 

teacher will use these drawings as the "hook" for the following class period to re-activate information and pathways in the brain to get students focused on the target language. 

Student Instructions

students will draw, using color, a picture that describes a certain event or detail that sticks out to them from the specified reading section and will bring it to class for the next day.