Lesson Plan

Egypt and Nubia

Understanding Relationships between Civilizations

Students will be able to...explain how the economic decisions of Egypt and Nubia influenced the daily lives of people and analyze how changes in transportation and communication allowed for the diffusion of ideas and cultural practices.


Social Studies
Grades 6
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1 Hook

Activity: Assessing

Have the prompt ready when students enter the classroom.

After a few minutes to think and write, have students share with their table partner. They will then share out with the class. 

Student Instructions

Answer the following question in your notebook:

Why is it important for neighboring civilizations to have a good relationship?

2 Mini-Lecture and reading of textbook

Activity: Reading

Follow PowerPoint presentation about relationships between countries/regions - need for trade, transmission of culture, etc. 

Make sure students are looking for the connections between Egypt and Nubia - What was their relationship? How did it change over time? Why? Were those changes good or bad?

Student Instructions

Read through text book pages 69-71. Specifically look for the relationship between Egypt and Nubia. What was their relationship? How did it change over time? Why? Were those changes good or bad?

3 Animation

Have students use Animation Express to create an Egyptian and a Nubian. Show how they lived - differences, similarities. Students should use text books as resources to create this animation.

Student Instructions

Use Animation Express to create a model Egyptian and a model Nubian. For example, what did they eat, what did they wear, what did they do for a living or for fun. What did they create for trade? Show me the similarities and the differences. Show me that you can distinguish between the two cultures!