Lesson Plan

Effects of Oversharing on Digital Footprint

Common Sense Media, Google Suite, and Tagxedo help teach students the perils of oversharing on social media.
Lori S.
Technology coordinator
North Bridge Elementary School
Weslaco, United States
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Students will be able to...

Identify risky habits on Social Media and understand how to avoid them.

Social Studies
Grades 5
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1 Introduction

Activity: Conversing

Teacher asks one child in room to write a color on a piece of paper to be shared with only the teacher.  After teacher has seen the color, the paper is given back to student who crumples it and throws it away. Teacher and students will  discuss available social media and their usage habits.  As the discussion progresses teacher quietly shares the color with other students around the room. Lead the discussion to what happens when information is shared even when it is removed.  Show how information spreads even when only one person has seen it using the color as an example

Student Instructions

One students will provide a color to teacher.

Class will discuss the social media they use and types of things they post.



2 Seek to Understand

Assign Common Sense Media video Oversharing:Think Before You Post to students using Google Classroom or Edpuzzle.  Teacher can show whole group.

Student Instructions

Students will watch video Oversharing:Think Before You Post.  

Then create a Doc to write about the ten rules that should be followed to avoid oversharing in social media.

3 Show What You Know

Teacher will guide students in the use of Tagxedo to create their digital footprint from the ten rules for posting online.

Student Instructions

Students will import words from Doc into tagxedo.

Students will download copy of footprint to their computer and upload it into Tagxedo to create a digital footprint.

Students will explore layout, color, and other design options.

Students will download their footprint for later use. 

4 Share what you know

Have students select one of the ten rules for posting on line and create a slide presentation that illustrates their knowledge on that rule.

Student Instructions

Students will create a slide show using Google slides or PowerPoint to illustrate their knowledge of one of the rules for posting online.

Their digital footprint can be used as the background of the title slide.

Have students share their slides with the rest of the class.