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Eductional Gymnastics/Balancing/Stunts

Students will use balance, awareness of space and locomotor movements.
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Students will demonstrate how aware they are of general space and being able to follow directions, two things that they should have some understanding of. They will also show how well they cooperate with their partner(s). The students will be working using their bodies to balance.

Health & Wellness
Grades K – 2
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Hook: Hello class! How has your day been so far? Really? That’s exciting! Now who can guess why these mats are out today? No one? Well, we are using these mats in order to work on gymnastics. Who can explain to me what gymnastics is? Yes Jill? Excellent! Now who can name a skill used in gymnastics? Billy? Not quite but you are getting there. Andrew? Ah-ha! Just what I was looking for; balance. But what is balance? Remember to raise your hand, Eric. Balance is evenly distributing your weight so you won’t fall over. Technically, I’m balancing right now! Today, we are going to be using these mats in order to work on some of these different balancing activities used in gymnastics that are called stunts.

Student Instructions

Instructor will go through the morning asking certain questions that will relate to what they are going to be doing today. They will state exactly what is going to be expected of this class. The instructor will remind students about the rules of the gym (and safety precautions).


The instructor will lead the warm-up activity whether it be walking around the gym or a mini-game that gets the kids moving. Once they finish the activity, the instructor will have the students sit on the outside of a mat where the instructor will be standing. The teacher will remind students to be aware of their personal space and when they are doing the activity, to stay on the mat.


The instructor will go through each stunt that the students will be performing and ask if anyone knows how to demonstrate - if they do, the instructor will ask the student to demonstrate for the class on the mat. Once that student finished, the instructor will demonstrate as well. 


The instructor will ask for students to each find a mat to share with a partner.  The instructor will once again remind them about personal space and walk around the classroom to ensure the student's safety and to help out with the stunts if needed. The instructor will give each student 1-2 minutes to preform a stunt before blowing a whistle so the partner can proceed to do the same stunt. 1-2 minutes after the second student goes, the instructor will blow their whistle twice and call out the next stunt for the students to work on. 


The instructor will ask the students to take a lap around the gym to cool off and once they finish to come back and sit outside of the mat the instructor was standing on in the beginning of class. Once all students are seated, the instructor will ask questions about what they learned today, how they liked the activity, what was their favorite stunt, etc. They will remind the students what they need to work on the next time they come into class.