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Economic Globalization

This lesson allowed my students to explain the impact of globalization on the social and economic sectors in many countries. It also allowed my students to evaluate economic policies in some countries and create alternative plans.
Mohamed O.
Classroom teacher
Daharan Ahliyya Schools
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My Grades 7, 8, 9, 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

  •  Explain the impact of globalization on the economic and social sectors in selected countries.
  • Evaluate economic protectionism in some countries and create alternative plans. 

Social Studies
Grades 9
1 Grade 9
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1 Grade 9

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Warming up activity:

  • Students were asked to answer the question of the day on note cards and discuss answers in pairs.


  • Students were asked to lead a class discussion in which they share their answers with the class and use different arguments to convince their classmates.



While Activity:

  • I distributed my students in groups of four and gave each group one country.

Group 1: USA

Group 2: Singapore

Group 3: Malaysia

Group 4: Tunisia

Group 5: Germany

Group 6: South Korea


  • I asked my students to use Sweet Search to look for the social and economic impacts of globalization in the assigned country.

Sweet Search is a good website as it provides students with educational information, accurate and clear ideas about the researched topic.


  • Students were asked to use Mindomo to take notes while they search and organize them as central points and supporting details.

Mindomo is so helpful as it gave the opportunity to my students not only to take notes, but also to organize them in different categories and headings.


  • After finishing their search and note-taking, students were asked to share and discuss their notes with their groups members who had to enrich their notes with new ideas to be used later.


  • I asked each student to use Sweet Search again to derive information to write a letter to one of the protectionist countries, Djibouti, Benin, and Bermuda.




  • The student was asked to evaluate, in the letter, the social and economic conditions in one of the countries above and use arguments from the impacts of globalization notes to suggest alternative plans for better economic and social conditions.



          Exit Ticket:

  • I asked students to use Formative to answer a short quiz about the characteristics of free trade and protectionism.

Formative is a good tool as it helped my students answer questions as quickly as possible and receive quick feedback. It also helped me as a teacher see my students’ results immediately and receive analyzed data.