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Ecological Succession

Lesson explains the process of ecological succession.
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Students will be able to...

Knowledge & Skill Statement 7.10-The student knows the relationship between organisms and the environment
Student Expectation - 7.10C: Observe, record, and describe the role of ecological succession such as in a microhabitat of a garden with weeds.(Supporting, and is specifically included in STAAR)

Statement of Learning ( IWBAT): Observe and describe the process of ecological succession.

Big Idea: Each of Earth’s land biomes and aquatic ecosystems is characterized by distinct environments and organisms. Biomes and ecosystems change by natural processes and by human activities.


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1 Ecological Succession- Engage

In Google classroom have the following question set up  for your students to answer as they come in and log in. 

Student Instructions

Do Now (Engage Activity): Use Ipads to look up pictures of Primary Succession.  Then in classroom answer the folowing question. Based on the pictures, what do you think happens during Primary Succession?  Secondary Succession

2 Ecological Succession- Explore

In this step student will be given a "choice sheet" of assignments that they have to complete. Students are given the freedom to complete the sheets as they see fit. (You may want to give more guidance to your problem students/classes)

The assignment will take 4-5 days. Each day should have a "do now " and "closure" to monitor student learning.

Student Instructions

During this lesson you will be able to complete all the station activities in whatever order you choose. As you complete each activity please come and check with me so I can make sure you are progressing in a timely manner.  Stations Labeled EXTRA CREDIT should be done after the required assignments are complete.

Station 1- Vocabulary

Station 2- Self Teach ( read and complete questions from iScience pg 344-348)

Station 3- Watch video over ecological succession and answer questions

Station 4- Watch video over aquatic succession and answer questions

Station 5-  Card Sort (Primary, Secondary, Aquatic)

Station 6- Comic Strip (must be completed las)t


3 Ecoloigal Succession- Expalin

Free, Paid

This is the day that you go over the information students have gathered, make sure everything is the way you want it in their notebooks and have whole group discussions about what they discover.

Show nearpod presentation reinforcing ecological succession

4 Ecological Succession-Evaluate

Send individual assignment to each students having them explain ecological succession in a pond ecosystem.

Also a paper version of 5 question quiz.