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Ecological Organization

Students will research and constuct a digital model of an ecosystem
Nathan S.
Classroom teacher
Herbert Hoover Middle School
San Francisco, United States
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Students will be able to...show that an ecosystem is organized into various levels of organisms, which is based on biotic and abiotic factors available within that ecosystem. Students will learn to differentiate between the idea of organism, population, community, and ecosystem.

Grades 6
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1 Hook

Students watch a small video about Jane Goodall and take a quiz.

Discuss Jane Goodall's work, and guide discussion towards characteristics of chimpanzee society.

Do you think other animal societies are organized this way?

2 direct instruction

Free, Paid

Students will be introduced to four levels of ecological organization:

organism, population, community, ecosystem

3 guided practice

Students will create a simple sketch of chimpanzee ecological organization, showing and labeling the 4 levels

4 independent practice

Ask students to show ecological organization for another organism. Ask students to include video in their project.

5 wrap up

Have students post their model. Ask students to add a comment and a question to each other's post.