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The students will use their knowledge of graphs and central tendencies to explore and extend their understanding of line plots,
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Students will be able to...

Create line plots using online program. 

Interpret and analyze  line plots.

Compose and create a line plot using data collected in class

 Apply knowledge of range, median, mode, and mean in order to analyze the data present in the line plot 

Grades 4 – 5
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I will give instructions and model how to use the link for creating the line plot. The purpose is to grab the students attention as they will see that they are playing a game not totally realizing that they are actually creating a line plot. (The usual reaction is that's it! Oh that was easy!)

Student Instructions

Students will access the link and begin to play the game and create their own line plot and analyze the data. 

2 Direct Instruction

Play the video on creating line plots and stop at various intervals for student questions. In this lesson students will collect data on how many siblings students have within the classroom. 

Student Instructions

This is a whole class activity as students will need to answer how many siblings each person within the classroom. They are given a line graph that they will use to plot the results of the poll. 

3 Guided Practice

I will instruct and guide the students that they will be taking a poll on how many siblings that they have. In addition students will learn how to determine how to use which numbers for their line plot 

Student Instructions

The results of the poll will be viewed on the Smartboard and the students will take the information and work collaboratively to create the line plots on a graph that I provide to the them. 

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will be instructed to create their own poll/survey and then collect the data to be plotted. 

Upon completion students will share their final line plots. (Use of Elmo). Students will be responsible for explaining their graph and their findings. 

Student Instructions

Students will collect the data from their polls/survey. They will create line  plots based on their data collection and analyze the results. Students will be given an outline of a line plot.



Activity: Assessing

Students will be given a line plot sheet which is already populated with data. 

Exit slips provided for students to assess understanding and if further re-teaching is necessary.

Student Instructions

Students will analyze the sheet given and identify all the elements of a line plot from the lesson ( i.e. title, purpose, data) . In addition students will answer the guided questions associated with the data to ensure correct interpretation.