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Students will gain an understanding of how earthquakes work.
Lina G.
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My Grades 6
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Students will be able to state the terminology for earthquake understanding and identify the different types of waves associated with earthquakes.

Grades 6
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1 Introduction

Teacher will show the video to introduction the idea of earthquakes.

Student Instructions

Students will fill out a follow sheet as the video is playing to catch the key ideas of earthquakes. Students are really engaged with Bill Nye and love watching his videos.

2 Teacher-Led Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will give direct instruction and provide information about earthquakes so students get accurate information and understanding.

Student Instructions

Students will fill out a follow sheet and take notes as the teacher is talking.

3 Student Activity

Teacher will preview the website with the students so students know how to navigate through the page when they are to work with their elbow partner.

Teacher will lay out expectations about proper technology behavior.

Student Instructions

Students will have 15 minutes to navigate through the website to see animations of earthquakes, epicenters, travel time, and the effects of earthquakes.

Students will be required to write down any observations to hand in for class participation credit.

4 Closure

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will describe the final assignment of earthquakes and the rubric for the assignment. 

Student Instructions

Students will be required to do a presentation in groups that include the key components to earthquakes.

Students must also answer a target question about how earthquakes can affect a region and what safety precautions can be taken to prevent maximum damage if an earthquake occurs.