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Early Civilizations Presentation

Presentation of Early Civilizations in the U.S.
Katherin K.
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My Grades 5
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Students will be able to...  use Explain Everything to create a presentation about an Early Civilization of the U.S.

Social Studies
Grades 5
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1 Introduce the Early Civilizations in the U.S.

Activity: Reading

-Divide the students into pairs and assign them 1 of the tribes (civilizations) in the U.S.

-I gave my students a section on our Social Studies book (Making a New Nation) to read.

-I also found a few more (2-3) articles online about each tribe for the students to read.

-I gave time for the students to read their pages and take notes on the facts that they could use for their presentation.

Student Instructions

-Students will read with their partner the articles provided by their teacher.

-Students will take notes as they read on facts they can use for their presentation.

2 Plan out Presentation

Activity: Other — Writing

-Provide students with a sheet to plan out the steps on how they plan out to present the information they learned about their civilization.

Student Instructions

-Students need to write an outline of a plan on how they plan to make their presentation. 

3 Written Presentation (Optional)

Google Drive
Free, Paid

-I asked my students to come up with a written part for their presentation in where they summarized what they learned.

-I had them write a draft and then they had to type it on Google Docs and share their document with me.

Student Instructions

-Students write a draft of a summary, explaining what they learned about their tribe (civilization).

-Students type their summary into a Google Docs and share it with their teacher.

4 Explain Everything Presentation

-Have students select the pictures they will use for their presentation.

-Show students the basic steps on creating a presentation on Explain Everything.

Student Instructions

-Students will look for pictures to use for their presentation.

-Students start creating their presentations on Explain Everything.

5 Presentation

-I have an apple TV in the classroom and I showed my students how to connect a device to it. Students will connect their iPad and show their presentation to the class.

Student Instructions

-Students share their presentation to the class.