Lesson Plan

e-Sustainability Poster

Learners will use prior learning and creativity to create an e-poster that expresses learner's thoughts and learning about environmental sustainability
Dr. Christopher H.
Classroom teacher
Carver Magnet High School
Houston, United States
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My Grades 9, 12
My Subjects Science

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate their learning and understanding about environmental sustainability via an electronic poster on the subject.
  • consolidate learning about environmental sustainability.
  • express their learning visually.
  • demonstrate creativity and insight.
  • demonstrate an ability to communicate science issues visually.
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1 Engage

This lesson should occur after you have covered the topic of environmental sustainability. It serves as the capstone of learning about the topic.

1. Show this brief review of sustainability to your learners.

2. Spend a few minutes reviewing key concepts/ideas about environmental sustainability with the class.

3. Ask learners how they might demonstrate their learning visually.

4. Teacher writes the ideas on the whiteboard.

Student Instructions

1. Learners watch the video shown by the teacher. 

2. Learners participate in class discussion about the video.

3. Learners share ideas as to how they might demonstrate their learning about the topic visually.

2 Explore

Have learners read through the information in the sustainability poster project site to gain background information and samples of e-Posters.

Student Instructions

Learners read through the information provided on the website.

3 Explain

Show examples of e-Sustainability Posters and emphasize that their creations must relay some aspect about environmental sustainability based on their learning and understanding about the subject.

A sample of a premier e-Sustainability Poster created by one of my learners may be viewed by clicking here.

Student Instructions

Learners look through the sample e-Sustainability Posters to gain some ideas as to what they might create.

4 Elaborate

Have learners use "Postermywall" online app to create their e-Sustainability posters. Though this app is fairly simple to use and most, if not all, of your learners will have no problems using the app, it would be a good idea to go through and create your own poster using this tool ahead of time to be able to answer any questions that learners might have.

Student Instructions

Learners design and create their e-Sustainability Posters using Postermywall.

5 Evaluate

Activity: Assessing

1. Have learners upload their e-Posters to a designated location. 

2. Have learners present their e-Posters to the class.

3. Assess learner's e-Posters. You may create your own rubric or use this simple one below:

e-Sustainability Poster Rubric

Criteria        Rating  0   1   2    3            Score
                              NI   S    G   E

Complete                                          _______
e-poster completed        

Accuracy                                           _______
information addresses
environmental sustainability
and is accurate

Originality                                        _______
e-poster is original

Creativity                                          _______
e-Poster is creative

Timeliness                                        _______
e-Poster submitted on-time

Presentation                                     _______
time requirement met with
proper preparation and
delivery of presentation



Student Instructions

Learners present their e-Poster for assessment.