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Draw Pictures to help Math comprehension- #WithMathICan

Students use screen recording technology to apply pictures to show understanding of fractions
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Students will  master their understanding of fractions by working problems by drawing pictures and creating models of fractions pictures, understanding that fractions are parts of a whole, and if needed acting out it out. By learning from others via discussion and recording those discoveries within their journal as they are found, a growth mindset is encouraged by highlighting the construction of knowledge as a group.

Grades 3 – 6
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1 Introduction - Hook

Activity: Investigating

* Teacher holds up something that will grab the students attention ( In the past that has been a bag of candy, or a box of oreos, even a pie for my student internships)

Students, like students do, want it! However you say, "no, I only have 1. I cant share it, or can  I!?"

Students will respond with usually something along the lines of "share it". and that where you can begin a lesson over fractions.

So first solve the problem on how to equally give every student, including yourself, a part of the treat.


Another way I've introduced fractions is to have the classroom huddle up. then afterwards, I tell them to get into 2 groups, then 3 groups, 4 groups, 5 groups...etc. I play music to signal students to move around and get into a new group. In between the groupings i have the students look around and realize the total number of students is the same, but we just have equal parts of students in separate groups. Its a good way to have students introduced to fractions if you have a real antsy class that cant sit still sometimes.

2 Instruction

While students are enjoying their snack. They will be watching a video you created using the app Explain Everything. The video will cover simple fraction problems, and reinforcing them using pictures. Some great visuals students respond to are slices of pizza, pie, or chocolate bars.

*be sure to include this video on any papers you send home for homework. A lot of our students have access to a smart phone or smart tablet capable of reading QR codes. Parents will appreciate it and students will get a double dose of what you want the student to learn, when you want them to learn it

3 Review, and reinforce

Using the whiteboard recap the video and wrap up any questions students have before starting independent practice. 

Once you are confident that students are ready to work in small groups, or on their own, have they begin playing the game Slice (for 2-5)

Walk around the room and monitor or help students when needed. Allow them to ask their partners

4 Wrap up - Presentation

As a final project, have students create either a video, or eBook displaying their understanding of using pictures to show fractions. Younger students might be more successful using Adobe voice.