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Doodling Fractions

Students will use the apps Doodle Buddy, Camera Roll, and Educreations to illustrate fractions.
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Students will be able draw the parts of  a region that represent halves, thrids, and fourths and write the fraction. 

Grades K – 2
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1 Hook

Students will play the game "Basic Parts of a Fraction" from Brain Pop Jr. to review parts of a fraction. Students will play as a whole group until someone gets BINGO or time is up.

2 Direct Instruction

During the "Basic Parts of a Fraction" game the teacher will discuss each fraction and model shading in a chosen shape using the game board and the SMART Board.  The teacher will reinforce the term "equal parts."

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Other — Doodle Buddy App

The teacher will introduce to the students that they will be using the Doodle Buddy app to create anchor charts for the fractions they have learning. The students will use the Doodle Buddy app to create an anchor chart showing halves with the teacher. The teacher will have students explore the shape stencil tool for 1/2 and a stamp tool for 2/2. Students will use the chalk or text tool to give their poster the title "halves" and then follow the teacher's directions for exporting to the camera roll (tap the wrench and select "Save to Photo Album).

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Other — Doodle Buddy App

Students will complete the anchor charts for thirds and fourths independently using Doodle Buddy. After completing each chart the students will export it to the camera roll.

5 Wrap-Up

Students will upload their completed anchor charts into Educreations. Students will use the voice recording tool to describe each fraction.  For example; for the anchor chart that illustrates thirds a student may say, "One third is one of three equal parts, two thirds is two of three equal parts, three thirds is one whole."