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"Doing the Right Thing" Personal Narrative

Huck faces conflicts between what he believes is right and what the society promotes as the "right thing". Do you recall a time when your personal faith conflicted with the social expectations?
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Lesson Objectives/Instructional Outcomes: 

Students will recognize the importance of creating the authorial voice and how it affects the audience.

Students will select different narrative techniques to create a compelling visualization. 

Students will design a poster based on their own research OR construct a personal narrative based on authentic experience.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

Activity: Conversing

At the beginning of class, the teacher and students will talk about the text, especially focusing on the part where Huck decides to release Jim. 

Student Instructions

In pairs, students will share a time when they feel that their personal belief is being challenged.

2 Domain 3: Instruction

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The teacher will go over techniques of writing an efficient personal narrative and creating a strong authorial voice.


3 Domain 2: The Classroom Environment

The teacher will provide an example of successful personal narrative for students to examine. 

Student Instructions

The class will read the piece of writing shared on their screens, then vote for which writing techniques were used in that specific narrative.

4 Domain 3: Instruction

The teacher will assist the students to process their thoughts about this writing assignment.

Student Instructions

In 20 minutes, students will work individually with bubbl.us to jot down ideas for this writing assignment. When they are finished, each student will try to put those thoughts into a map in WiseMapping.

5 Domain 4: Professional Possibilities

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The teacher will provide an exit-ticket question.

Student Instructions

Each student will share their thoughts on how they feel about the assignment and what concerns they may have. Their answers will only be seen by the teacher.