Lesson Plan

Does this violate my rights?

Students will look at real-life examples and assess whether 1st Amendment freedoms are being violated.
Alysabeth M.
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Fairview Middle School
Fairview, United States
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My Grades 6
My Subjects Social Studies

Students will be able to...

-explain and discuss whether 1st Amendment rights are being violated through the use of Padlet

-apply their previous knowledge to correctly analyze and identify whether real-life situations violate the 1st Amendment

-explain HOW the 1st Amendment is being violated via Tellagami

Social Studies
Grades 6
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1 Bellringer/Opening

Free, Free to try, Paid

The teacher will have an example of a real life-situation on the board. An example may be, "Your public school begins a sporting event with a student-led prayer over the school’s PA system." Students are to login to Padlet and explain whether or not they think that violates the 1st Amendment and explain why. Once all students have answered, the teacher will lead a class discussion.

Student Instructions

Students are to login into Padlet and respond to the situation posted on the board.

2 Guided and Independent Practice

Activity: Investigating

The teacher will hand-out a worksheet to students with examples like the one posted above. They are to try to assess the situation and figure out whether the situation violates the 1st Amendment or not.

Once everyone is finished, the teacher will go over the correct answers.

Student Instructions

Students will use their previous knowledge to assess situations and figure out whether they violate the 1st Amendment or not. Students may choose to work independently or with a partner.

3 Closure and Assessment

Teacher will show to students an example of a Tellagami. After showing an example, the teacher will demonstrate to students how to create a Tellagami.

The teacher will explain to students that they are to create their own Tellagami.  Their task is to pick one of the situations on the worksheet that violated the Constitution and create a Tellagami that explains HOW or WHY the 1st Amendment was violated. Then they must share that link with the teacher as an assessment grade.

Student Instructions

Students are to choose an example from the worksheet that is a violation of the first Amendment and create a Tellagami that explain how or why the first amendment was violated.