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Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

Students will become aware that not everyone is or needs to be a friend on social media.
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Students will be able to...

Identify who makes good social media friends

Identify safe ways to add friends on social media


Social Studies
Grades 3
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1 Too Many Friends?

Activity: Debating

Teacher asks the question "How many friends are too many friends?"

Let kids debate the answer. 

Ask "Do you know all of the friends that are on your Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat, etc. friend lists?"

"Can you find their face in a crowd?"

"Do you know anything about them?"

"Have you met them in your real life?"

"How do you decide if someone should be a social media friend?"

2 Who is Right for the Job?

Activity: Conversing

Split class into pairs or small groups. Give each group a set of cards with about 40 people descriptions; i.e. your doctor, your mother, the woman you met at the bus stop this morning, the new kid in your class, etc.

Have the groups discuss which of these people would make a good social media friend, and which ones should not be on your list of friends. Separate cards into 2 groups.

3 Let's vote

We use either the ActivBoard vote feature or Plickers to vote on the people represented on the cards. If there are differences of opinion, each group can have 30 seconds to make their case for and against.

4 Debrief

Activity: Assessing

What are some things we learned about making friends online, and adding friends to our social media accounts?

What are some characteristics of a good online friend?

What is important to remember to keep ourselves safe?