Lesson Plan

Do You Know The Muscle Man?

Learners will identify the major muscle groups and develp an understanding of how the body uses those muscles for daily activity and during a workout.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Students will be able to:

  • locate and name major musle groups
  • specify which types of exercises target specific muscles
  • characterize common conditions assocatiated with the major muscle groups
Health & Wellness
Grades 9 – 12
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Activity: Investigating

Learners will complete a journal entry using the "Making Thinking Visible" method  "See, Think, Wonder".

The learners should be instructed to answer the following questions while viewing the image:

  • What do you "SEE" in the image?  Discuss what is obvious, but discuss what you see outside the obvious.  Give specifice details.  
  • What do you "THINK" about the image?  Be sure to discuss the obvious, but look past it as well.  
  • What do you "WONDER" about the image?  Again, details should be included about what is noticable and by looking passed the obvious.

Once the learners have had a chance to complete their journal entry, go back over each section as a class and discuss and have the learners share out what they have written.  This is a great activity to work on critical thinking skills.

To bridge into the next section:

Ask the learners what major muscle groups do they know of and which ones that soccer players use most?


Direct learners to the website and have them create a username and password to use the site.  This is a free site.

Once learners are logged in, help them NAVIGATE and discover how to use the BioDigital Human site.  Allow them a few minutes to get comfortable using the site.  

Demonstrate how the BODY SYSTEMS listed on the left, when clicked on, will drop down to SUBCATEGORIES.   Each BODY SYSTEM or BODY PART can be CLICKED ON and a SECTION OF INFORMATION will APPEAR on the RIGHT that DETAILS the SPECIFICS of that BODY SYSTEM or PART.  The SECTION OF INFORMATION also list CONDITIONS that are ASSOSIATED with that particulart BODY SYSTEM or PART.  CLICKING on a CONDITION will REVEAL further information on that CONDITION.


Using the BioDigital Human site, the learners will LABEL AND COLOR  the MUSCLE MAN DIAGRAM with the appropriate muscles.

On a separate piece of paper learners will answer the following questions:

1.  For each muscle listed on the MUSCLE MAN DIAGRAM, analyze at least 3 conditions that might be associated with that muscle and how it can be treated and avoided.

2.  For each musle on the MUSCLE MAN DIAGRAM, list at least 3 types of exercises that could be be used to improved muscular strenght and or muscular endurance.