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Division Review

At the end of a unit on long division, this lesson will review some of the techniques of solving division problems and will allow for practice.
Christy H.
Classroom teacher
Round Hill Elementary School
Round Hill, United States
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Students will be able to... solve long division problems using multiple-digit dividends and a single-digit divisor, with and without remainders.  

Students will be able to interpret remainders to a long division problem.

Grades 4
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Presenting

Explain to the class:  "The holidays are upon us.  Very soon we'll be heading home for a few weeks.  Before we can leave for the holidays, we have a problem to solve.  Mr. Davis informed us that each fourth grade classroom is to receive some new cool seats:  tall wobbly stools.  He wants each class to have the same number of stools.  If the school received a donation of 107 stools, how many stools will each class receive?"

Student Instructions

Students can work on their whiteboards or notebook paper to solve the problem.  

2 Guided Practice

As a review, allow the students to watch the two videos to see the difference in ways of solving long division problems.  

Student Instructions

Watch the videos.

3 Independent Practice

Tell the students that they'll be able to use either method to solve long division problems.  They can use whiteboards (or paper/pencil if you want them to turn in the work) to solve the problems. 

The Division Millionaire game is a great solo-play game.  The Jeopardy Labs game can be played with teams. 

Student Instructions

Students will be able to use these games to play individually or with a partner (in the jeopardy game) to practice their long division problem-solving.  

4 Wrap Up

Explain to the students that solving long division problems can be very exact, such as problems that have no remainders.  But when remainders are involved, you may need to think about how to handle that remainder.  

Often it takes thinking it through to see how to solve the problem.  

As homework (or additional instruction), try the division word problems with remainders game.  It will also give them additional practice before the quiz/test.

Student Instructions

Students will practice the division with remainders game as homework.