Lesson Plan

Discussing Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, and Impressionism

A better understanding of where impressionism art originates from

Using their knowledge from the discussion, students will be able to identify Impressionistic paintings with 90% accuracy.

Using their knowledge from the biography, students will discover at least 1 relation between Monet’s life and his paintings.

Using an Impressionistic painting of their own choice, students will critique the painting in front of class for at least 4 minutes.

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Clarify aims and establish set (hook)

Activity: Presenting

Engage students by showing a short video bout impressionism

To become familiar with the impressionism movement

To learn about impressionism by studying Claude Monet’s paintings

Students will begin with Monet, since he is known as the founder of Impressionism

Student Instructions

To become familiar with the impressionism movement

To learn about impressionism by studying Claude Monet’s paintings

2 Focus the discussion (direct instruction)

Each painting will have its own discussion.

Student Instructions

Each student must participate at least 3 times (by a raise of hands) by giving detailed descriptions and responses

After the painting is projected on the board, students will be required to describe what they see in the painting. 

3 Hold the discussion (guided practice)

Activity: Conversing

During the discussion, I will remind the class that participation is required.


Where is the focal point/ most important part in the painting? Why?

What is the location you see? Time of day?

What are the people doing in this painting?

What colors are used?

How do the colors depict the mood of the painting?

What is the closest object to the viewer?

What lines/ geometric shapes do you see?

Why do you think the Monet painted this specific painting?

What textures are evident?

After a student gives a detailed response to the painting, I will add a dash next to their name on my list of students.

I will express my opinion when the class seems stuck on a question, and towards the end after it is evident that the class has no more answers.

Student Instructions

What else do you see in the painting?

What emotions does this painting evoke?

How are the brush strokes different from realistic paintings?

4 End the discussion (independent practice)

Activity: Reading

Pass out a biography on Monet to the class

Read and discuss biographical information and also information on Impressionism as an art form.

Students will ask questions about the paintings and Impressionism in general

Conclude the significant aspects of Impressionistic paintings

5 Debrief the discussion (wrap-up)

Activity: Conversing

Ask questions similar to: 

What did you learn in today’s discussion?

What is common in Monet’s paintings?

In what ways is mood portrayed in these painting?

After today’s discussion, would you be able to point out an Impressionistic painting?