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Discovering Perimeter

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Students will be able to...

Learning Goals:

Students will be able to identify and measure the perimeter of a figure using US standard and metric units by using different strategies.

measuring side lengths
comparing shape form and  size

Prior knowledge: Students should already understand the meaning of a  polygon  and know some of the attributes used to compare polygons. Students should also be able to draw triangles and rectangles accurately when given specific instructions.

Teacher's Notes:

This lesson is designed for one 30 minute block, assuming the students are already familiar with Explain Everything and Google classroom. The lesson involves 2 main questions : How do you calculate the perimeter of a polygon and  how does this relate to the real world?

Students will use units in Math curriculum to learn how to calculate perimeter of a polygon. The hope is that students will apply their knowledge and learn  from each other, and the teacher fills in the gaps at the end.

The lesson will be taught using Explain Everything. By creating videos to explain their  calculations in Explain Everything, students have the opportunity to teach each other by posting their responses, as well as learn from each other by viewing and responding to other students’ discoveries. It also allows them to work at their own speed. Additionally, students can exercise choice in the process by selecting a polygon of their choice for their calculation.

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1 Hook

Investigating activity.  Students work in pairs to find polygons within the school or district web site. 

Student Instructions

Students identify polygons on the web site and discuss shape, size, number of sides, angles.

2 Relevence: Identify who might use measurements and polygons in real life

Activity: Debating

Teachers ask who might use Polygons and measurements in real life.

Student Instructions

Students discuss who might use these techniques in real life and for what reason.

3 Independent Practice

Have students work in pairs to find a polygon in the Classroom. Students will select a polygon of choice and use explain everything to explain how to calculate perimeter.

Student Instructions

Students work in pairs to select a polygon in the classroom. They will use this object to calculate perimeter on the object and describe the calculation using Explain Everything.

The video should include:
a picture of the object
- Identify the shape 

- Identify the number of sides
- The calculation written
- an audio narrative of the calculation

Student's share video through airplay.