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Discovering algebra

An introduction and practice in algebraic equations
Megan B.
Early childhood provider
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My Grades Pre-K
My Subjects English Language Arts, Social Studies, Arts, Health & Wellness

Students will be introduced to algebra and be able to solve simple algebraic problems.

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook


Watch Clayton Cameron's A-rhythm-etic: the math behind the beats to encourage student interest in math and discovery.

2 Direct Instruction

This guide provides rules and definitions of algebraic terms and functions, very helpful for teachers to use to supplement algebraic lessons.  Students can have access to it during instruction and review, or the teacher can just use to supplement the teaching.

3 Guided Practice

Get the Math is a website that provides examples of algebra in everyday situations.  For guided instruction, teachers can work through some of these problems with the whole class.

4 Independent practice

DragonBox EDU
Free to Try, Paid

This website provides interactive games involving algebra for independent practice with algebraic equations.  Students may be more excited to practice algebra in a game compared to in a worksheet on paper.

5 Wrap Up

Once students have developed an understanding of algebraic equations and have practiced, they can compete against eachother in Alge-Bingo, or in an activity based on Alge-Bingo, to further their algebraic fluency.