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Discount/Tax Product Commercial

Students will create a commercial for a product showing how to find the final price after tax and a discount!
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Students will be able to represent proportional relationships in multiple ways by making a commercial for a product of their choosing with a discount and tax.

Grades 7
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1 Do Now

Post the link to this Khan Academy video and have the students watch it!  Students will watch the video to review the basic steps for solving a problem about growing by a percentage.   They will look at the different strategies shown and think about how they relate.

Student Instructions


Which strategy do you understand best?  How do the two strategies relate?  Can you explain to someone else how to do one of the strategies?  


2 Check for Understanding

Activity: Drawing

Share the link to a Google Drawing with a chart showing "add", "subtract" and "neither".  Place the words tax, tip, discount, markup markdown, sale, percent off, commission... randomly in the chart.  

Student Instructions

Move the words to the area add, subtract or neither showing how to solve those types of problems.  

3 Mini Lesson

Activity: Presenting

Review which words mean to add, subtract or neither in percent  word problems.  Also go over how to represent a percent increase/decrease by writing it as a decimal.   For example a 25% increase can be written as 1.25x where x represents the original price.  

Student Instructions

Check over your work from the check for understanding chart and take notes on changing a percent increase/decrease to a decimal.  

4 Work Time

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Using WeVideo, create a commercial for a product of your choosing.  Tell us the original price of the project and the discount and tax.   Show how to find the new price after converting the percent increase/decrease to a decimal.  

Student Instructions

Think of a product, price, tax and discount.  Create your commercial using WeVideo.  Add pictures, screencasts, or videos showing all the necessary work to find the final price of your item.  


1) Video must have a picture of your store

2) Video must have a picture of the item you are selling

3) Video must have the price, sale and tax for the item

4) You must show via a screencast how to find the final price of your item OR have the work completely shown in a screenshot from Google Drawing and record a voiceover explaining step by step what you did and which strategy from the Do Now you used!

5) Have a conclusion of your commercial such as saying "for more information call..." or "stay tuned for more amazing sales"

5 Exit Slip Discussion

Tell the students to share the link to their WeVideo commercial in the Google Classroom Stream and add comments to each students work.  

Student Instructions

Share the link to your commercial and post it in the Google Classroom Stream.  Watch each other's videos and add comments on each other's work!  Make sure you add one Glow comment and one Grow comment.  Your comment should be in the format "Excellent job...Next time..."