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Digital Writing Roulette

Bringing joy to writing outside of the classroom's 4 walls
Sara J.
Classroom teacher
Fort Bend ISD
Sugar Land, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

Adapt tone, point of view, and style in writing

Problem solve

Understand the parts of a story

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 12
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1 Set Up

Set up:

1. Find another teacher who wants to do it with you. My first time, I decided to just do 1 class period as a trial. Coordinate lab and video-conferencing equipment (no video conferencing equipment, see if you can skype, Facetime, or even just call over the phone!)
2. Pinterest pictures like a mad dog! Here is my collection. 
3. Create a Google Drive account. In the account create a folder with a sharing setting of whoever has the link can edit. That way you can just share 1 link to the folder instead of individual doc links.
4. Create a doc file in the folder labelled 01. MAKE SURE THE FILE HAS THE SAME SHARE SETTING! On the first page have it say "Page A" nice and big. This will allow you to see if kids are on the correct pages in the computer lab. Under "Page A" write: Writer A: Examine the photo and write for the time allotted. When time is called, switch to the second page. Start writing here:
5. Add image from Pinterest. Don't forget to wrap text and adjust size.
6. Where it says "Star writing here:" press the enter button a couple times. Then hold down "ctrl+enter" This will ensure your page 2 doesn't move as the person on page A types.
7. Set up your page B just like A but with a different picture.
8. In the folder, make copies of 01. I made 16 because we had a class of 32 and I wanted us to only repeat twice. 
9. Renumber these 01-16. Change out the pictures. I then have 16 unique docs.
10. Copy all 16 of them and numbered 1-32.
11. Find the link for sharing the folder in the drive by pressing the share button. Copy that. Log out of Google and test the link. Test that you can select the docs and press the pop-out so you can edit.
12. If it works, send the link to your counterpart to share with her class day of the activity. 

2 Writing Event

Google Drive
Free, Paid

1. Set up videoconferencing with skype or what yoru district uses

2. While you do the lesson have one teacher be in charge of having a timer. 

3. . When students log onto the Google drive, they opened up the document that had their corresponding number.

4. On the first page, labelled Page A, one teacher's class began typing their story about their image. On Page B, the other kiddos used their image to create a story.

5. Every 4 minutes switch, .first teacher's students scroll down to B, mine up to A.

6. Teachers help the kids along by going over what they would want to do in each section: establish character and setting, develop conflict, build up to a climatic event, climactic event should be working to resolve main problem, resolve loose end. 

7. Debrief where the kids talk via the video conferencing equipment answering questions like : What was most challenging? How did it go for you? Which of the two did you like the most and why? Why do you think we had you do this?