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Digital Storytelling in RtI

Third grade students will practice their skills of summarizing by creating a movie trailer for their books.
Leah K.
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Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how to summarize a book. Students will be able to include important story elements including character, setting, problem, and solution. 

English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Hook

Ask students about what movies they know are coming to theaters and what makes them excited about going to see them.  Students may reference a movie trailer that they've seen that made them excited to go see the movie. 

Explain that what they're watching on tv or in the theaters are called "movie previews" or "movie trailers". 

Explain that they will be able to create their own movie trailer for a book that they have recently read. 

Show students an example of a movie trailer made in iMovie. Ask students to write down some things they notice in the trailer that gives them hints as to what the book is about. 

Student Instructions

Students will watch movie trailer made in iMovie.  

Students will write down things they notice in the trailer that let them know what the book will be about. 

2 Story Elements

Review with students essential story elements that should be included in a summary. (Characters, setting, problem, solution) 

Have students (whole group to start) use the Paper app to brainstorm story elements of a book. (First time around, will be the same book for whole group) 


Student Instructions

Students will brainstorm characters, setting, problem, and solution using the Paper app to begin creating a storyboard for their movie trailer. 

3 Story Boarding

Teacher will have students share their story elements with each other. 

Teacher will share different types of genres of movie trailer choices from the iMovie app. 

In pairs, students choose a movie trailer genre and take the story elements and create a five-screen story board for their movie. Students will continue to use Paper to brainstorm. 

Student Instructions

Students will choose from the different genre choices on iMovie. 

In pairs, students will create a five-screen storyboard that will become their trailer. 

4 Movie Trailer Creation

Teacher will guide students through the process of using iMovie to create their trailers. 

Teacher will show students how to use iphoto to capture important images in their book to use in their trailer. 

Teacher will make sure students are using storyboard as a guide for their creations. 

Student Instructions

Students will work in pairs to create their movie trailer using their storyboard, iphoto to take pictures of the book, and iMovie to create the trailer.

5 Conclusion/Assessment

Teacher will have students share their final products with the class. 

Teacher will assess on understanding of summarizing by making sure students included story elements such as character, setting, problem, and solution. 

Teacher will also assess group work and collaboration as well as understanding the use of the technology involved. 

Teacher will have students self-evaluate their work by using a check list. 

Student Instructions

Students will share their final products with the class. 

Students will self-evaluate using check list to make sure they've included all parts of a story and were able to help their peers understand what their story was about.