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Digital Storytelling

Caring is a character trait that can be illustrated in many ways.
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The students will know and be able to create an e-book to communicate their understanding of caring as a character trait.

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 3
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1 Mini Lesson & Guided

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Last time we discussed caring. We defined different ways we can show we are caring citizens. Today we are going to continue on creating out e-books.  

Review: sign in, case sensitive/no spaces, drop and drag, back arrow button.

Prompt sharing with a partner for feedback and review, revise and edit before publishing.

Student Instructions

What different ways can you show caring? Does caring only pertain to humans? Why or why not?

Use visuals and multimedia to communicate meaning.

2 Independent/Sharing/Reflection & Self-Assessment

Activity: Investigating

Utilize students to scaffold learning and assist student that need additional guidance. Students will work independently at their own pace. Add more sentences and details to each page. Create another book expanding upon the theme of caring. 

Student Instructions

Did you teach one, reach one? What feedback can you provide to help your partner improve their project? Did you check for spelling and upper case / low case? Is text appropriate to pictures being use and story being told?