Lesson Plan

Digital Portfolio with Flickr

Create, store, and share images with other artists from around the world!
  • Students will be able to edit their artwork and create a complete body of work that fits a them or topic of their choice. 
  • Students will be able to upload their images to Flickr and create their own page that can then be shared and critiqued with peers. 
  • Students will be able to maintain their own page until they decide to delete it (meaning they can continuall add or remove images as their work continues to grow)
Grades 5 – 12
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Students now have a place where they can store, share, and discuss their artwork with other artists from all over the world! By upoading images to Flickr, students can evolve their own portfolio and explore the other millions of images for inspiration. 


  • Students can use any digital camera available (ie phone camera, point an shoot, SLR). 
  • Over a period of a term or semester (pending on teacher approval/schedule), students will create images to fit a specific theme, topic, or idea and evolve their own portfolio. 
  • After the images have been taken, students will edit their choices down to a chosen amount (no more than 15) and edit them digitally if necessary. 
  • The portfolios will then be uploaded to either a class page on Flickr or the students' individual pages. 
  • Once the assignment is complete, students will visit the pages of their peers and critique the work digitally (via comments) or as an in-class critique. 


Since Flickr is easily accessible on any computer, students have the ability to edit their portfolio (add, edit, or delete any photos) anywhere and at any time. If they chose to maintain their page, they can continue to add their work and share it with others; allowing them to view their own growth as an artist. 


Digital photography makes it easy for students to take hundreds of pictures in a short amount of time and any mistakes can easily be delted. Mastering the art of photography has never been easier and evolving a portfolio is equally simplified due to the digital options such as Flickr. Students and teachers can assess the work at any time since it is online and easily accessible. 


  • Creating a class Flickr page is a great way to introduce students to the program and teaching them how to upload their images. Students can also practice critiquing the work of their peers easily since they are all in the same space.
  • When encouraging students to explore the many millions of other pages, urge them to be cautious and be aware that some content is inappropriate and could/should be blocked on school computers. 
  • To practice critiquing, have students critique the work of another artist they follow on Flickr