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Digital Emoji Arrays

Students will create arrays in Google Docs using Emojis to practice and demonstrate knowledge.
Jennifer R.
Technology coordinator
Mylan Park Elementary School
Morgantown, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Students will be able to...demonstrate how to create an array of various sizes and show a quantity using Emojis and tables in Google Docs.

Grades 2 – 3
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

1. Teacher will ask: "What is an emoji? Why do we use them?" (probe for discussion and allow for student discussion. Listen for answers like "We like to use them to show how we feel. They are fun to use, cute, etc.")

2. Teacher will say "Today we will be using Emojis to create arrays in Google Docs." Can anyone remind me, "What is an array?" (allow for turn and talk discussion about "What is an array") Allow students to share out their thoughts and what they remember about arrays.

2. Teacher will review with students "What is an Array?" by showing the BrainPop Jr "Array" video.

2 Direct Instruction

1. Teacher will have all students open a fresh Google Docs page.

2. Teacher will demonstrate how to create and input a table into the document. Help the students to realize that when they are creating the table, the table size is in an "array." Put a 2X2 table on the page.

3. Have students put a 2x2 table on their GDoc page.

4. Show students how to click inside the table to put in information. Tell students this is where they will be putting their Emojis. (or what they are counting in an organized way)

5. Show students under "Insert" and then "Special Characters." Select under "Symbol" dropdown menu --> "Emoji."

6. Allow students to choose an emoji to copy and paste into their table. (Show students how to copy and paste.) 

7. Allow students time to copy and paste their chosen emoji into the table. (Be sure they use only one type of Emoji in the table otherwise it isn't an array.)

8. After they fill out the table tell students "Now we need to label our array." Show students how to space down and then label their array as a 2x2 array underneath the table. It should read as the full multiplication problem: 2x2=4

3 Independent Practice

1. Allow students time to create their own arrays on the same page. Let them choose what Emoji and the size of their table each time. Be sure students label their array with the correct multiplication problem.

2. Walk around to monitor for assistance and to check for accuracy and understanding.

4 Wrap - Up

Activity: Presenting

1. Allow students time to share their Emoji arrays with a partner and discuss what types of arrays they created.

2. To conclude the activity, ask students to share out: 

- What was your favorite part of the activity?

-What concept in math were we reviewing?

-What is something new you learned today?