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Digital Differentiation

Using Tech to Enhance & Personalize Learning
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Digitial Citizenship and EdTech Mentor

Students will be able to partake in varied learning experiences through digital tools and apps that afford for a variety of personalized learning experiences. Students will experience unique tier time, IE time and stations through differentiation and digital tools. 

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1 Getting Started: What is Differentiation?

Activity: Reading

Read this brief article to review differentiation and the possible uses in the classroom. 

3 Ways to Plan for Diverse Learners


2 Digital Tool Options

Activity: Exploring

This presentation offers many tools! Work through the presentation and at the end we will take a look at 5 easy and free tools to get you started! 


Digital Tools Presentation

3 An Overview of Simple Digital Tools for Differentiation

Activity: Exploring

Take few moments to browse through this presentation. Have you seen any of these tools prior to today? Do some look exciting or intriguing? 

Digital Tools for Differentiation

4 Quick and Easy (and free) Digital Tools for Differentiation

Free, Paid

Create Quizlets for students to review vocabulary or spelling words. 

Student Instructions

Have students create their own quizlet as an assignment! Help them develop study skills by creating their own learning resources. 

5 Padlet

Free, Free to try, Paid

Teachers can create a page to:

1. Gain student feedback 

2. Collect student data from a lab

3. Allow for colalboration

4. Give a moderated entrance or exit ticket

Student Instructions

Students can create a page to:

1. Work with a small group on project information and collaboration

2. collect resources or thoughts for a project

3. create an information board

4. create a digital book report of related sources

6 Showme

Teachers can great amazing instructional videos for a whole class, targeted group of students, targeted individual students or learning stations. 

Student Instructions

Students can create content demonstration videos in place of homework. Hearing a student talk through a problem or question is an incredible resource in finding their struggles and successes! 

7 Kahoot

Free, Paid

Know some students who clam up during tests and quizzes? I was one of them. This is a great alternative yet fun competitive to review for assessments. You can even administer an assessment in this manner. 

Student Instructions

Students can great Kahoots! Have a competition. Who makes the best Kahoot? Use that for review in class! 

8 Google Drive

Google Drive
Free, Paid

There are endless possibilties! 


1) Spelling Tests! 

2) Formative and Summative assessments

3) Polls



1) Provide lesson instructions to students

2) Collaborative document

3) Class discussion in a safe and closed place! Don't worry you can go back and view who said what and at what time!



1) Create a "learn at your own pace" bundle in the folder. Student scan work through content at their own pace and take assessments as they go. Everything is in that folder! You can create an OUTLINE document that would show them the order to tollow. 

Student Instructions

Students can create reports, documents and other projects in docs and share them with you! You can edit and collaborate with students live if you so choose! 

Students can also create project bundles with folders! 

Students can create class polls using Google Drive.

9 Explore More Ideas

Activity: Investigating

Find more ideas by exploring this Pinterest Board