Lesson Plan

Digital Citizenship: Avoid Oversharing

Students will learn some basic social media sharing etiquette
Daniel T.
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My Subjects Social Studies

Students will learn the importance of thinking before posting onto social media by learning the 10 oversharing rules provided by commonsense.org

Social Studies
Grades 7
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1 Engage

Teacher will project video on to screen

Student Instructions

Students will watch video

2 Explore

Teacher will lead discussions by asking a couple questions related to the video:

  • After watching the video, do you think you might be guilty of any type of oversharing?
  • Did any of the information in the video surprise you?
Student Instructions

Students will participate in discussion

3 Explain

Teacher will give brief lecture on what Oversharing is by reviewing and further explaining the rules shared in the video.

Student Instructions

Students will take notes by folding piece of paper in half, hot dog style. Rules will be labeled on left side of paper, with notes on right side.

4 Elaborate

Teacher will lead out discussion over oversharing rules, by asking questions.

  • The video suggests that you should curate your photos and not post any pictures you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. What kinds of pictures do you think fall into this category?
  • Would you ever tell a friend if he or she was oversharing online? Would you want your friends to tell you if you were oversharing?
  •  What do you consider “TMI”? Is there a difference between TMI offline when you’re talking to your friends and TMI online?
  • Do you use privacy settings on all your social media accounts? How do privacy settings help you manage your digital footprint?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where someone shared something about you that you didn’t want posted online? How did you handle the situation?
Student Instructions

Students will participate in discussion

5 Evaluate

Teacher will provide the 10 Things To Think About Before You Post poster to each student. Teacher will instruct student to complete a free write during remaining 5 minutes of class by picking one of the rules, and write about why this is an important rule in 4-5 sentences.

Student Instructions

Students will complete free write, 4-5 sentences on one of the rules, explaining why it is important.