Lesson Plan

Digital Citizenship

Students will learn how to appropriately use the Internet.

Students will be able to...use the internet appropriately.  Students will know the right and wrong way to use the Internet.

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Grades K
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Presenting

Discuss with the students the right and wrong ways that they should use the Internet.  We will discuss Internet safety.

Discuss with students how they will learn to properly use the Internet.

Student Instructions

Students will sit whole group to listen to the presentation on Internet Safety.

2 Direct Instruction

Model to students how to use the website Digital Passport. 

As a whole class explore the website.

Student Instructions

Students will watch as the teacher explores the website with them.

3 Independent Practice

Students will log in to Digital Passport and explore the website on their own.  

Students will complete two tasks.

4 Wrap-up

During this lesson students learned how to navigate the website Digital Passport to become a better Internet user. 

Students will be able to complete more tasks at home.