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Digital Citizenship

Closing activity to a year of learning about digital citizenship in the classroom.
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My Grades 5
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Students will be able to... explain what digital citizenship means to different audiences (ex: to a kindergartner or to a parent)

Students will be able to... tell all the different components on what it means to have digital citizenship.

English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 Classroom Discussion

Activity: Other — Discussion

Teacher should start the conversation reminding students what digital citizenship is and all the components that students should follow to be good digital citizens.

Student Instructions

Students will collaborate on the teacher lead discussion about digital citizenship.

2 Plan Presentations

Activity: Investigating

Teacher will divide students into small groups in where each group will be responsible of presenting what digital citizenship is and how to be a good digital citizen to a 1st or 2nd grade class.

Student Instructions

Students will come up with a plan on how to present the information assigned to them to the 1st or 2nd grade class and they will come up with a visual presentation to show and a small activity.

3 Create Presentation

Teacher will provide students with a guideline on how students should present the information and assign each group a topic. 

The teacher also needs to provide an iPad, Apple computer or Chromebook for students to complete a Google Slides presentation.

Student Instructions

Students will need to follow instructions on how to present the information that was assigned to them.

Students will create a Google Slides presentation to be used for the day of the presentation in front of the 1st or 2nd grade class.

Students need to create a closing activity in where students in the 1st or 2nd grade will be able to apply what they learned.

4 Presentation Day

Activity: Presenting

Teacher should arrange a date and time for the class to go visit the lower grade class.

The teacher should ask the lower grade class teacher to divide her/his students into small group (so each group in your classroom has an audience).

Student Instructions

Students present and do the closing activity with the group of lower grade students they were assigned.