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Digital Citizenship

Your digital footprint and what it says about you.
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My Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will understand the broad scope of the internet.

Students will understand that what "digital footprints" are.

Students will understand that leaving  "negative digital footprints" have long lasting consequences.

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Attention Getter

Students will watch a Youtube video on the vast role of Social Media has on our lives.


Student Instructions

As you watch the following video, think about the role Social media is plays in your life.


2 Direct Instruction

Students will view the video and complete the questions following the video.

Student Instructions

Review the Video and  fill in the blanks to the following questions:

1. Any information that we post on the internet can become ____________ and influence who others perceive you, in other words, it can effect your ____________   _______________.

2. The information you share online leaves a ____________    ______________ that can be tracked. This is basically everything about you!

3.  When sharing and posting online, think about the long term _________________. 

4. A picture that you think is harmless today could be downloaded and misconstrued in the ______________.

5.  For online media and social networks, __________ settings are an important tool to help you decide how much information you share, when and with whom.

6.  __________only with people you trust.

7. Be aware that many photos you share can be GeoTagged which reveals your _____________   _____________ .

8. Respect the _____________ of others by not oversharing.

9. Stop negativity in its tracks by being _________ and redirecting the mood. In other words, BE_______ online!

10. If someone is being mean, know that most social networks offer a way to report or ____________ or Flag bad or inappropriate behavior.

11. If you see someone who is being the target of unkind words online be a ___________not a bystander.


3 Guided Practice

Have students draw a footprint on a large piece of paper, and then have them add all of the apps of social media and websites, and tools they use online to give them a picture of their own digital media footprint. 

Student Instructions

Draw a draw a footprint on a large piece of paper, and then  add all the  social media apps and websites, and tools that you use online. This will give you a picture of your own digital media footprint. 

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Assessing

Students will open one of their social networking accounts and follow the flow chart on 10 pictures that are on their page.  

Students will then do the following activity:


Student Instructions


Open one of your social networking accounts and follow the flow chart with 10 pictures that are on your page.  

Imagine that the Google search box was on the overhead screen and the class was going to use your name as an example to find the example of someone's digital footprint. What would you want the search to reveal?

5 Wrap Up

Students will view "The Digital Footprint" to recap the unit.

Student Instructions

In summary, this video recaps the concepts about a digital footprint. This recaps what it is, how is it created and why it is important to maintain on a positive digital footprint, as well.