Lesson Plan

Digital Citizenship

Students will come out of this lesson with a better understanding of what it all takes to become a good digital citizen.

Students will be able to...

1. Students will research how to become good digital citizens.

2. Students will watch videos on Digital Etiquette and Oversharing On the Internet that will help them grasp on how to be a responsible digital citizen.

3. Students will then play a vocabulary game on the TinyTap app on the classrooms iPads.

4. Students will use their Chromebook to access the information and to create the documents needed.

5. Students will grasp all the information they have learned and place them in a summary report.

6. During this whole lesson students will be using their Chromebooks and the classroom iPads.  There is enough iPads for everystudent to have their own in the classroom cart.

Social Studies
Grades 8 – 12
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1 Warm Up Activity

First students will access the Kahoot website to answer some start up questions to see what they know about being a good digital citizen.

Student Instructions

Student's will use the classrooms iPads to access teh Kahoot site and to begin the warm up activity.

2 Oversharing on the Internet

Students will watch a video on the Dangers of Oversharing on the Internet.  They will later create infographics to be hung around the school.

Student Instructions

After watching the video students will take the time to write down some ideas they had on how they could be safe while sharing on the Internet.  They will be given time later to create an infographic on their Chromebooks on the concept of being safe sharing on the internet.

3 Make a Concept Map

Students will write down their ideas on "types" of digital media and the "actions" of these types of digital media and an optional section on their feelings.  The students will be partnered up after 5 minutes of coming up with ideas, to brainstorms new ideas and combine their ideas together.

Student Instructions

Students will compile their ideas into one list.  When this task is completed they will use a Chromebook to create their concept map on a Google document.  Once this task is completed they will share the document with me.

4 Digtal Etiquette

Students will watch this video as a whole class.  During the video they will be allowed to take notes on what they have learned because they will be questioned on what they have learned along with writing a summary paper at the end of the lesson.

Student Instructions

Students will make notes about the video.  They will later access Kahoot after the movie on the classroom iPads to test their knowledge on what they learned about Digital Etiquette.

5 Internet Safety

Students will test what they know from their past experience of Internet Safety with using the TinyTap app on the classroom iPads.  Students will have an opportunity to earn some bonus points if they choose to do a summary on research they have done on Internet Safety.

Student Instructions

Students will use the TinyTap app to test their knowledge on Internet Safety.  If they choose to complete the bonus activity then they will use their Chromebooks to create a word document.

6 Wrap-Up

Students will type a summary on what they have learned from the topic of Digital Citizenship.  They will be required to discuss what they have learned and what they will be doing differently to become a good digital citizen.

Student Instructions

Students will type their summary on a Google word document.  The document should be formatted as follow: 12-pitch font, Times New Roman Font, double spaced, and with name and page number in the header section.