Lesson Plan

Digital Citizenship

Students consider the type of Digital footprint they are leaving on the Internet as well as the person they are presenting.
Susan R.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Students learn about and develop awareness for good Digital citizenship traits and habits.

Students will develop awareness for habits and practices that will keep them safe in the online environment and with today's technology.

Students will examine their own digital footprint (concepts of over-sharing, over-posting, flaming and fighting online, in contrast to exercising restraint and contributing to being a positive digital citizen).

Social Studies
Health & Wellness
Grades 8 – 10
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1 Hook

Videos:  Brittney's Story and Eva's Story



2 Direct Instruction & Guided Practice

Activity: Exploring
  1. Using the Lesson Plan, Unit 1 guide students in a collaborative process of brainstorming/group discussion (I usually have them just write on the whiteboard) regarding the Risks and Benefits of sharing online, and what over-sharing looks like.
  2. We then do a second brainstorming/group discussion on:
  • Ways to share in a positive way
  • Minimizing over-sharing
  • Leaving a positive digital footprint


3 Guided Practice & Activity

  1. Watch the video:  Common Sense Media's Digital Footprint  (following up with video questions provided).
  2. Students draw out a footprint on large paper, and add to it all the online social media apps and websites, and tools they use online, to take a step back and look at what their own digital life looks like.

4 Direct Instruction & Discussion

Activity: Other — Think b4 u Post Video (BE Publishing product)


  • Your Reputation 
  • Public Exposure
  • Your Career
  • Cyberbullying
  • Your Not-So-Personal Information  
  • Unwanted Visitors Identity theft, phishing, viruses, hackers, spammers
  • Data Mining
  • Online Predators

Class discussion follows using the lesson plan that corresponds with the video. 

5 Direct Instruction & Discussion

This is very powerful video in helping student understand the risks associated with things they post.

Jack Vale video shows how easy it is for others to get private information about anyone from online posts.  

Class discussion follows.

6 Wrap Up

Using any infographic software (web-based or otherwise, I have linked a few here for convenience), students create an infograph that include the following topics: 

  • Tips on how NOT to overshare
  • ​Tips on things NOT to do online that could put ones safety at risk
  • Tips on how to leave a Positive Digital Footprint