Lesson Plan

Digital Branding

Lesson aimed at 11th graders in collaboration with a career planning course.
Melissa J.
Media specialist/librarian
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Students will be able to...

  • Explore the pluses and minuses of all of their various interactions in the digital world and possible effects on their future goals.
  • Create a "marketing plan" for themselves that includes branding and promotion, image management, and a contingency plan for dealing with mishaps.

(Standards are linked to specific AASL, ISTE, and PA Core standards covering media and digital literacy and digital citizenship as per our high school library curriculum.)

English Language Arts
Grades 11
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1 What social media platforms do you use?

Breadcrumbs Will Lead To Your Digital Footprint | Curtis Tucker | TEDxWallerMiddleSchool




Student Instructions

Create a marketing plan for yourself that will give you control over your digital presence. Include every way that you are connected to the world in your plan. Your plan should include a contingency plan for mistakes (for example: leaving your email open on a public computer...)