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Digital Book Trailers

How to create digital book trailers using iMovie
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Students will create a digital book trailer that demonstrates their understanding of literary terms such as plot, chronology, character development, suspense, and climax. The students will create a short video that creates suspense and excitement about the book chosen. The students will learn to share their enthusiasm for reading throughout the school community. Students will create a complete digital media project that demonstrates their understanding of the assigned reading material.    

*This lesson assumes students have basicoperational knowledge of the iMovie app and are familiar with copyright rules/regulations per ISTE NETS-S standards (as well as school specific policies).


English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 6
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1 The Hook

Activity: Reading

Students should be assigned books to read. They can choose their own, work together in pairs or groups, the teacher can assign a book, or it can be a book the class is reading together. Show students a few example book trailers (there are numerous on YouTube and other book trailer sites). Explain to students that trailers are designed to entice others into reading the chosen book. Remind them to not give away the ending, but to try to create anticipation and excitement about the ending of the book. The goal is to create a "cliffhanger."

Student Instructions

You must complete the assigned reading prior to entering the next step. Remember, the goal is to create an exciting video about the book that does not reveal the edning. The viewers of your trailer should be excited about the book and want to read it to learn how the story ends.   

2 Storyboarding

Activity: Creating

Do a Google search for "iMovie storyboards" and choose one that you are most comfortable with and think would work well for your students. I like these (printable PDF's of each template about half way down the page). Have enough printed copies for each student or group that is creating a book trailer. Inform students that they must complete a storyboard before they may begin working on their iPad. Explain that video producers, animators, and other media professionals use storyboards as a guideline when creating media. 

Student Instructions

Complete your storyboard. Once the teacher has approved your storyboard, you may begin creating your digital book trailer using an iPad and iMovie. 

3 Independent Research and Creation

At this stage students will begin compiling images and recording live action scenes that represent their book. Please remind students about fair use and copyright issues pertaining to using images. Provide resources for copyright free images and remind them that all images used must be credited. Students will begin working on their own at this point, compiling media for their project. Provide supervion and assistance as needed.  

Student Instructions

Begin Compiling Media for your book trailer. You should be compiling images that relate to your story (all images must be fair use, Creative Commons, and properly credited, no copyright violations permitted) and recording live action scenes that represent your book. Remember to follow your storyboard as a guideline or "script" for your trailer. 

4 Media Creation

Students should begin creating their book trailer by compiling the scenes they have recorded and media they have gatherd in iMovie. They should still be using their storyboards as a guide or script. Review the students progress frequently to assure they are provided assistance when needed, not using any unauthorized music or images, and not giving away the ending of thier story but creating suspense and excitement about the climax of their story. 

Student Instructions

Compile the meida you have gathered into your final book trailer using iMovie. Remember to use your approved storyboard as a guide or script for creating your book trailer. 

5 Sharing

Activity: Broadcasting

Part of media creation in the digital age is sharing. Parents and siblings will love to see these! Share them with whatever method is available at your school. A YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Twitter account, teacher pages, closed school netowrks, or whatever is available at your school is appropriate. Students will enjoy seeing their work online and viewing their classmates material.


Student Instructions

Be prepared to watch your classmates work and provide both positive and constructive feedback where appropriate.