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Developing Early Number Concepts & Number Sense

Technology Tools for number sense
Leslie S.
TN Technological University
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My Subjects Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to use iPad apps and virtual manipulatives to practice early number concepts and number sense.

Grades K
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1 ipad App

We used Bugs and Numbers - Skills: counting – by catching fireflies in a jar

Friends of Ten - Numbers are piled into 3 stacks. Stacks are assigned a target 
sum. Move numbers around to read target sum. Uses different 
representations of numbers (dice, fingers, ten frames, etc.)

Number Leagues - Assemble a team of superheroes and use their sum to capture 

2 Virtual Manipulatives

Activity: Exploring

Count Us In http://www.abc.net.au/countusin/default.htm

GAME 5 - Representing Number
Objective: The player has to move a feather with a number of objects to the correct corresponding 
text number.
GAME 7 – Addition – Part-Part Whole Relationships
Objective: There is a picture of a double-decker bus with children standing alongside. The bus 
has windows on each level. The Player moves the children onto the bus to make the number that 
is displayed on the top of the screen.

Ten Frame (NCTM Illuminations Tools) http://illuminations.nctm.org/Activity.aspx?id=3565

A nice manipulative version of the ten-frame. Probably best used by the teacher or at a learning 
station because the text is quite small. Students use counters and enter a number that answers a 
question. There is also a five-frame applet.

3 Hands-on Activities

Activity: Creating

Additional Activity: Number Bracelet; 10 minutes
Materials: Chenille Stem & 7 beads per person
Students thread beads on chenille stem and twist ends together to form a bracelet. Separate the 
beads to make number sentences such as 4+3=7. Also flip to show that 3+4=7. Show other 
addition and subtraction sentences.