Lesson Plan

Developing Digital Savvy Writers

Using this App Flow, students will learn the writing process in a more engaging way.

Students will be able to: generate ideas before writing, organize writing to include a beginning, middle and end for narrative and expository writing, revise for clarity, recognize and use complete sentences, revise for clarity, use and punctuate declarative, interrogative and exclamatory sentences, capitalize and punctuate all proper nouns and the word "I", use correct spelling for commonly used sight words, including compound words and regular plurals, use available technology for reading and writing.

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 8
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1 The Hook-Introducing Digital Storytelling Using Powtoons

Free, Paid

Before beginning the lesson, you will need to sign-up for a free Powtoon account. Begin the lesson by going to the Powtoon website and introducing students to an example video that could be made in Powtoon.