Lesson Plan

Design Your Own Digital Learning Wheel - PD for Teachers

Create your own graphic organizer to help you align your choice of digital tools to your learning objectives

Educators will be able to ...

  • align digital tools to learning objective verbs.
  • brainstorm which tools best fit which activities.
  • create their own personalized Digital Learning Wheel image.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
World Languages
English-Language Learning
Health & Wellness
Grades Pre-K – 12
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1 Check out the Padagogy Wheel

  1. First, take a look at Alan Carrington's Padagogy Wheel. He visually outlines higher-order thinking skills based on  Bloom's Taxonomy, to robust student objective action verbs, to classroom activities, to iPad apps -- all of which is aimed at getting educators to redefine their lesson planning.
  2. Now reflect on your own students' needs. Which tools do you agree with? Which would you change based on your classroom needs?

2 Create Your Own Digital Learning Wheel

Free, Paid
  1. Since every classroom has different needs, we know you probably need to revise the outer ring! Think about which devices you have, what budget you have, and what learning needs your students have. 
  2. Now copy this version of a Digital Learning Wheel into ThingLink.
  3. Now go discover new tools on Graphite! You may want to look back at the Padagogy Wheel for inspiration, or take a look at some thematic Top Picks lists.
  4. Finally, go back to your ThingLink image and add links to your chosen products (or the review!) into the outer ring.

3 Share your Digital Learning Wheel

Activity: Broadcasting

Consider how you could share your Digital Learning Wheel. Perhaps you can share with your teaching team. How might your students benefit if they could weigh in on the digital tools they find most effective and engaging? Feel free to share your ThingLink url within the Graphite community so that others can be inspired by your creative thinking.