Lesson Plan

Design Thinking with 3D Printers

Students create a Buncee that shows how they used design thinking as they created their 3D printed object.
Valerie M.
Instructional Technology Assistant
Tioga Elementary School
Bensenville, IL
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Students will be able to...

  • Reflect on their process of creating a 3D printed object
  • Identify the parts of the design thinking process
  • Visually represent their reflection
English Language Arts
Grades 4 - 5
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Student Notes

1 Design Thinking Buncee

  1. Introduce students to the Design Thinking process
  2. Model how to create an log into a Buncee account
  3. Instruct students that all parts of the design process must be a visual representation of their design thinking process
Student Instructions
  1. Reflect on the Design Thinking Process
  2. Log into their Buncee account
  3. Create a Buncee that is a visual representation of their design thinking process; they used this process when they created their 3D printed object