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December Holidays

Students will learn how December holidays are celebrated in different cultures.
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Students will be able to identify December holidays fro different cultures.

Students will learn that different cultures have different traditions.

Students will share their own traditions with their classmates.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades Pre-K – 2
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1 Hook

Show video Winter Holidays.


Student Instructions

Watch movie as a class.

2 Guided Practice

Have a class discussion about the winter holidays students celebrate at home.

Complete the sorting game as a class


Student Instructions

Discuss with your partner and share with the class about your holiday celebrations.

Complete the game with your classmates.

3 Independent Practice

Assign appropriate activities to students in Brainpop app.

Student Instructions

Students log into their Brainpop Jr accounts. They watchth emovie again and answer their assigned quiz.

Students use the draw about it and write about it components of the app to describe their own celebration.

Students use the talk about it to write what they have learned.

4 Wrap Up

Activity: Conversing

Facilitate classroom discussion about what the students learned.

Student Instructions

Share with your classmates one thing you learned today.