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Dealing with Problems as a Child

This lesson is to be used to help students relax and enjoy the classroom.
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Students will be able to understand the importance of relaxing and enjoying school.

Students will be able to learn techniques to help them breathe and prepare better. 

Health & Wellness
Grades Pre-K – 2
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1 Discussion

Activity: Conversing

Openly discuss what it means to breathe and relax. 

Ask open-ended questions to determine the mind frame of the students. 

Ask question about why school is important and what would happen if we did not go to school. 

Student Instructions

Discuss for homework the importance of having a bed time that is age appropriate and developmentally stimulating. 

2 Practice New Things

Introduce the students to new breathing styles and way to relax their minds when things get to crazy to deal with. 

With the school age students read each statement from the Ten Strategies for Conflict Resolution list and ask them how they can try this at school.

Explore conscious discipline website with the young students and teach them the Elephant, Pretzel, and Drain breathing techniques.

Student Instructions

Share the Elephant, Pretzel, and Drain breathing techniques with your family and choose the one that works the best. 

3 Practice with Sesame

Download the free app on all the tablets for the students. First explore together so they learn how to negative and use the application properly. For the younger students this should be done in a one-on-one setting.

Student Instructions

Explore the application at home with your parents and determine the good parts of the app and the bad parts of the app.