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Deadlift for High School Students

Introduction to Deadlifting
Nicole S.
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Grades 9 – 12
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The teacher will fist play the YouTube video showing the world record deadlift.

Teacher will then ask for a show of hands, how many students know what deadlifting is, and will also call on a few of those students to describe some of the main weightlifting movements. 

Student Instructions

First, the students will watch the video. Students will then participate by raising their hand as an indication that they have some knowledge of weightlifting and will share with the class, their prior knowledge. 


Activity: Exploring

The teacher will go over the basic fundamentals of the deadlift movement inclusive of body mechanics

The teacher will outline the muscle groups involved in the movement using the application tool (visual/interactive aid)

The teacher will draw two sets of stick figures on the board, one that depicts proper form and another that depicts improper form (visual aid) 


Activity: Investigating

The teacher will perform 3 deadlifts in front of the students and will require them to classify whether the movement is proper, improper, or both.

The first deadlift will be one with improper form, after performing the same exact deadlift from different angles, the students will be asked to guess whether it was improper or proper and will need to support their selection.

The second deadlift will be one with proper form, after performing a proper deadlift from different angles, the students will be asked to guess if it is proper or improper and will need to support their decision.

The third deadlift will have both proper and improper mechanics used, the students will be challenged to provide positive and negative feedback to correct and evaluate the movement. 

Student Instructions

Students are to analyze each deadlift and provide either incorrect or correct movement indicators to support whether the deadlift is proper, improper, or both.


Activity: Creating

The Teacher will have each student get a barbell. PVC pipe and will have each student do deadlifts.

The teacher will demonstrate a proper deadlift as needed.

The teacher will give queues to the students as they apply the fundamentals of the skill, this emphasizing use of the correct muscle groups as well as body mechanics

The teacher will walk around and give feedback as needed. 

Student Instructions

The students are to follow teacher queues and perform deadlifts along with teacher

The students will perform and practice proper body mechanics and muscle group implementation

The students will respond to feedback by applying it to improve the deadlift movement abilities 


Activity: Assessing

The teacher will go over safety instructions involving the loading of the bar, use of safety clips and chalk.

The teacher will then have the class go into groups of 2

Once students are in their groups, the teacher will give instruction on the application and evaluation of the deadlift

The teacher will hand out 1 pencil and 2 four point checklists to each group.

The teacher will conclude activity by making sure students clean the bars, and put away all equipment safely and in the appropriate location. 

Student Instructions

The students will practice loading bars and using safety clips The students will get in groups of two 

The students will take turns doing a set of 4 deadlifts and low-moderate weight (low exertion) and the partner will use a 4- point checklist to ensure proper movement and for evaluation of the movement application.

The students will switch and repeat

After the 4-point checklist is complete for each, the students will be able to keep their results/feedback for future reference.

Once the 4- point checklist is complete and students learn their weekends and strengths, they are able to practice deadlifting

To end the activity student will upload the bars, clean the equipment suing wipes and will return equipment to designated areas.